Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (TEAPA)–The-Traveling-Exotic-Animal-Protection-Act–TEAPA-.html?soid=1101778242429&aid=T8WV0yxlRXg.

4 thoughts on “Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (TEAPA)

  1. Congratulations!! Thank you PAWS ADI and Bob Barker!! I admire you all so much! Since joining PAWS we have learned so much about the cruelty of animals used for entertainment and circuses and IT IS WRONG!!!!! We will support you and your efforts and pass the word!

  2. I believe in animal liberation, it will soon people will understand that evolution is the respect for animals, do not expose them to inhuman, cruel and degrading circuses that use animals is a cruel form of exposition and abuse as muiitas veses of these animals comes from animal trafficking and their families are killed by hunters as adults are exposed to various forms of torture during training circuses that use animals are true Shol the spectacle of horrors!

  3. The first of many laws, I hope, to stop inhumane treatment of wild animals. Any animals for that matter. Hopefully someday all people will learn humanity. Put ourselves in their place. Thank you PAWS and Defenders and everyone else who are working hard to stop all the terrible injustices.

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